Motorists and people in Titirangi’s cafes and shops witnessed a Corpus Christi procession complete with canopy, thurifer, monstrance and parishioners on June 18.
Fr Anthony Sumich, FSSP, carried the monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament from Mt St Mary’s church, down Rangiwai Rd, briefly into Titirangi township, then back through a carpark to the church.

Fr Sumich told NZ Catholic that fervent prayers were offered for good weather
for the occasion, and these prayers were answered.

In a homily at a Mass in the extraordinary form (in Latin) before the procession,Fr Sumich said that Corpus Christi is an occasion when “we loyally, gladly, proclaim[the Lord] in the streets”.

“It is the day in which the king deems to come down from heaven and walk amongst his own citizens. He chooses, even though veiled in the Blessed Sacrament, to walk on
the very streets on the land and the earth that he created in order to be physically
in the presence of the creatures that he made,” Fr Sumich said.

“Alas, many will scoff, there will be many who will have no feelings at all. However, the king walks and it is our duty to honour him and to love him as we walk in honour of him.”

The day also saw a celebration of 21 years of Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at Mt St Mary’s.

Perpetual Adoration at that church was started by Fr Denzil Meuli in 1996 and since then the church has reportedly never been empty, with at least one person present at all times in adoration.

Since 2001, Grace Yuen has managed the roster which currently numbers about 85.

Mobile phones and text messaging have simplified keeping in touch. When a rostered person cannot attend, another is contacted who can take their place.

At a lunch on June 18 in Titirangi to celebrate the 21 years, Fr Sumich said he hoped the Corpus Christi procession would be the first of many.

The priest noted that over the 21 years of Perpetual Adoration, there have been more than 184,000 “holy hours” at the church.

“The work that goes on in something like a Blessed Sacrament chapel or in a monastery, is not seen by the world, is not understood by the world, and it never actually will be, but that is the case because of sin,” Fr Sumich said.

“We all have to have that sense, that connection with God, outside of Mass itself,” he added.

“So, we give thanks to God and thanks for all those who have come in the 21 years
who have passed, who have gone to see the real adoration, as it truly is in heaven,
where there are no more veils anymore.”