A generous donor is wanted to help an unwell Auckland-born man.
Henry Ene has been living and working in Melbourne for eight years, but about three years ago became unwell.

Henry Ene with members of the Ene family. From left, Dianne, Jaylaini, Chloe, Henry, Devisarn, Marcellin and Frank.
to his dad, Frank, Henry was subsequently diagnosed with — which means he needs a bone marrow transplant. However, a transplant can only be made from somebody with the same tissue type.
Members of the Ene family have now been tissue typed, Frank Ene told NZ Catholic, but none of them are a match for Henry.
Henry’s wife is Dianne and the couple have three children: Devisarn, 10; Chloe, 8; and Jaylaini,
Frank Ene said his son was a boarder at Sacred Heart College in the 1990s. “He used to play the organ in our parish … St Mark’s.
“He’s very strong, like me, at doing work around the church … and he loves to help people.”
Medical specialists told Henry early on that he could slow the progress of the disease by good diet and exercise.
Dianne had helped him stick to the diet and, as a result, he had largely been able to keep working
— helped by the fact that he works from home.
However, when father and son talked by phone in mid-November, it appeared Henry was facing increasing pain.
Doctors were now talking about putting him on medication while the search for a suitable bone marrow donor continues.