by NZ CATHOLIC staff
On November 30, at the start of the Year of Consecrated Life, Lisa Small, a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi, received a special award from Bishop Patrick Dunn of Auckland.
Ms Small received the award for the work she has done the past four years for the young people of the diocese.

Lisa Small with Bishop Patrick Dunn after receiving her award.

In 2011, Ms Small began serving as the formation and household leader at the Catholic Discipleship College, which has a nine month live-in programme where young people from
around New Zealand, and even abroad, live in community, study the Catholic Faith, pray together and do apostolate work throughout the country. She was involved in the formation of students, supporting youth groups throughout the diocese, as well as giving spiritual
direction, preaching and running the annual Summit Catholic summer camps, all while supporting Regnum Christi members in New Zealand.
Many of those who have been touched by her service were there to honour her commitment to them.
An alumna of the college, Phil Hines, said: “Lisa pours her heart and soul into each of her students. Her genuine love and care for each person who crosses her path and her offering of her own sufferings has been a major blessing for so many people both at CDC and others
who came to her for spiritual direction.
“Lisa has helped me personally come through healing of deep-seated hurts, and I know others who would say at least as much themselves.”
He had no doubt that the ripples ofMs Small’s service would continue to bear fruit for CDC and the local Church for many years, Mr Hines said.
Ms Small said that when she returned to New Zealand temporarily for health reasons, she never knew that God would call her to a whole new mission in her own country.
“I am so grateful to God for these years of growth and complete service to the diocese and my students,” she said. “I have been very blessed by Bishop Pat’s support and was very
surprised that he wanted to honour my work at CDC, as I plan to return to live in community in the USA.”