German author and sociologist Gabriele Kuby has warned against “a new totalitarianism that is destroying freedom in the name of freedom”. 

Mrs Kuby, author of The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom, spoke at the Voice of the Family international conference sponsored by Family Life International at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna on September 24 – 25.

“State and media are grabbing our children, destroying their identity, pushing them into hedonistic sex. This leads to the destruction of the family,” she said.

She added that this movement is funded by governments and the wealthy.

She was also particularly critical of the ideology of gender, which she called a global assault on the person, family and society, as it seeks to dissolve the concept of the complementarity of men and women.

To engage in action against such movements, said Mrs Kuby, one should make sure that one’s own sexual life is not disordered.

“Only people who understand and live according to Christian moral standards can work for regaining the territory that is for the Kingdom of God,” she said.

She advocated that sexual intercourse should only take place within marriage.

“[It] sounds anachronistic, yet to my observation, people I know who are active in the cultural battle live that,” she said.

Pope Benedict XVI, whom she visited on February 2014, gave her this advice, “one must be seized in the heart of the truth of man. It must come from the inside as the deepest conviction that one cannot but be engaged in”.

She said this means “we must live in mind, heart and body for the truth of man. This is the basis to stand up against the reality of an increasingly aggressive secularism. This is our only
anchor so that we are not torn away by the current of the mainstream of our time”.

Mrs Kuby said the problem of our time is that “we are no longer allowed to call sin a sin”.

“The path of salvation is obscured,” she stressed.

Mrs Kuby said there is a tendency to compromise the Church’s message in the face of an aggressive secularism.

“The justification is that only by cutting off the sharp edges of the message . . . do we have any chance of political influence. I do not believe this is true,” she said.

She said this battle can even be found within the Church.

“We have a beautiful message to give to the world. A message that shows the path to the fulfilment of the desire of the human heart for love and family,” she said. “If we compromise the message, it loses its light and magnetism and power.”