I first met Adam and Edel at an Encounter session in 2014. Both were bright and bubbly, and I assumed they were a couple just from observing the way they interacted with each other.

Adam Roughton and Edel Lobo each had a feeling soon after meeting that they were going to marry each other.
Adam Roughton and Edel Lobo each had a feeling soon after meeting that they were going to marry each other.

I later learned they had only known each other for a few months.
They first met at a Catholic Young Professionals (CYP) event that Edel Lobo was running and which Adam Roughton attended. Both later recalled soon having the feeling when they were together, that they were going to marry the other person.
As time went by and they kept attending CYP events, the feelings they had became stronger. Edel and Adam were amazed as to how closely they connected.
After a CYP event at a bowling alley, the game changed. That night Adam was in need of a ride to the ferry, and Edel was happy to offer her assistance.
For the previous year Adam had been praying to God to show him the way to the woman he was going to marry — and for Adam his prayers were answered.
Edel mentioned that she had never really believed it when people would say, “When you know, you know”, but on that night while they were talking waiting for the last ferry she felt it. Something inside her changed, and she knew she was going to marry Adam.
Edel and Adam couldn’t wait to see each other again! Edel recalled that Adam had said that he wanted to attend Theology of the Body sessions, but didn’t have a ride to the sessions. Edel, again, was more than happy to take Adam. Within the first two sessions, Adam had asked
Edel to be his girlfriend and confessed his love for her.
Their relationship has been an amazing whirlwind. Both knew early on they had found the love of their life, a compatible life partner on every level, and they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.
Adam proposed to Edel at Mudbrick Vineyard on Waiheke Island a few months later, and now it’s the countdown to the wedding day!
Edel and Adam say that both being Catholics is the “superglue” that has kept them together. It has shown them that it was worth the wait to find someone who aligned with their values — the values of the Church. While they know that life won’t all be smooth sailing, they know
they can get through anything with God — the Third Person in their relationship.
Edel and Adam’s story is a testament to how God works and that if you put your life in God’s hands, he will give you a life you never dreamed of.
Samm-Sara Pirie is a university student. She works part-time for the Auckland Diocese Youth Ministry Team.