AUCKLAND — A leading Catholic pro-life campaigner has been recognised by Family First NZ for
his services to marriage, life and families in New Zealand.

Brendan Malone
Family First national director Bob McCoskrie handed Founder and Director of LifeNet, Brendan
Malone, the Public Square Leadership Award 2014 at this year’s Forum on the Family programme
held on July 4.
Mr Malone said it was it was humbling to be awarded like that.
“I guess, ultimately for me it’s really all about being for life, marriage and family in New Zealand,” he said.
He said the award was unexpected.
“I do a lot of work that is not in the public eye and it’s very humbling that others picked up on it,” he added.
The award also serves as a challenge for him. “When others indicate that they know what you’re
doing, the challenge is to keep serving in a way that is effective and also is really
focused on building a culture of life,” he said.
Mr Malone said that ministry has been very difficult lately. “Some of those challenges
can really weigh heavily on you. But for me, it’s just a matter of staying focused and working
even harder to ensure that the ministry that God has called me to do and the challenges he
has given to me are used to build his Kingdom. At the end of the day, that is what it is about
for me,” he said.
He also acknowledged his wife, Katie, without whom he wouldn’t be able to carry out his work.
“I always said to my wife, the minute she felt it was getting too much, that would be the end of it. Because she has to be on board,” he said. “Not only has she agreed, but she has kept on agreeing for 10 years now, but also she’s given a heck of a lot. I’m actually in awe of her at times for what she gives.”
Mr Malone, who spoke at the forum attended by around 200 delegates from various organisations, warned against “a small but very vocal group of people who are agitating for a major change to the abortion law in this country”.
He said this group is proposing an extreme change in the law that would allow abortion
on demand, removal of the right for freedom of conscience of medical practitioners and legalise late-term abortions.