WELLINGTON — The Archdiocese of Wellington is looking for a social communications adviser to help put across the message of the Church using the different communication tools, and through its monthly publication, Wel-Com.

Cecily McNeill
Wel-Com editor Cecily McNeill has recently resigned from her post
after editing 100 issues.
“It’s time to say ‘goodbye’ and ‘thanks’, it’s been good to know
you,” Ms McNeill said.
In her last editorial for the paper, Ms McNeill likened herself to
the two bewildered disciples on the road to Emmaus, who wondered
how things could have come to such an ignominious end.
“This wondering has become a kind of default setting in my nine and a half years as editor of Wel-Com.
“As I have read, wondered, researched, each question leads to
more questions. The big question is always, what is my role in helping to realise the reign of God and, in darker moments, what does it all mean, for God’s sake!” she wrote.
She thanked the churches of Wellington and Palmerston North
for giving her “great opportunities to develop gifts I didn’t know I possessed, perhaps the best, a subduing of ego for the greater good”.
Meantime, Wellington Archdiocese Director of Support Services
David Mullin said the new role would be twofold.
“There are two roles within the role: one, the editor of Wel-Com
for the two bishops and secondly, specifically for the archdiocese.
We need someone to help the Archbishop of Wellington communicate
with the people of the archdiocese,” he said.