ROME — Kiwi Anglican Archbishop Sir David Moxon has labelled
Pope Francis as “the most iconic moral authority in the world today”.
Archbishop Moxon, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s representative
to the Holy See and the director of the Anglican Centre in Rome, said the Pope is precisely what a pluralistic and hedonistic
society needs today.
“He represents in himself the cumulative wisdom, experience and
missiology of a Franciscan and Jesuit Christian,” he wrote in the Catholic Herald, in the United Kingdom.
“This is what we need as a guide to Christian living in a pluralistic, hedonist and information technology-driven world.
“The Pope challenges us to move out of our sanctuaries and our computer- bordered worlds into the streets with common compassion and solidarity with the poorest of the poor. He wants
us to rediscover there, true humanity in Christ.”
The Pope’s popularity, which saw him painted as a superhero in Italian graffiti and featured in a rock and roll magazine, is
not a “charm offensive” by the Catholic Church, the Anglican prelate said.
“This is deep witness from the heart of the Gospel. This witness connects with so many because we are all made in the image
of God, however marred or soiled that image may be,” Archbishop Moxon explained.
He said the same image within us recognises the spirit of Christ in Pope Francis.
“This is not a human achievement, but a work of the Holy Spirit in the Church Catholic,” he stressed.
Archbishop Moxon described Francis’s pontificate as “transformative”, building on the works of those who had come
before him.
“I also find in Pope Francis the witness I need to be an ecumenical and justice-seeking Christian in the world today,” he
He said the Pope’s words, “joy, mission, conversion, diversity, poor, inclusive, decentralise”, are the same ones used by Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby.
“This synergy of spirit is surely God-given and a means of much grace. This is what God’s Incarnation is like: the ‘Word’
made flesh, Love incarnate, looks and feels and sounds like this,” he said.
In the New Year’s Honours, Archbishop Moxon was appointed a Knight
Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to the Anglican Church.
He has recently played a key role in an interfaith initiative involving Catholics, Anglicans and Muslims to combat human
trafficking worldwide.


  1. A sign that trouble is abroad when heretics praise the Holy Father (John 15: 17-19) ? “….. save us from the fires of Hell and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of thy Mercy”