AUCKLAND — About 25 women attended a discernment day for women at Liston Hall in Auckland on February 10.

Presented by consecrated women who have found Christ as their spouse, the day featured talks by Lisa Small, a consecrated woman from Regnum Christ who works at the Catholic Discipleship College, and Sr Clare of Assisi from the Beatitudes Community, who flew up from Christchurch for the event, as well as a panel discussion.

Other orders present included the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, the Sisters of Mercy, as well as oblates representing the Tyburn Benedictine Sisters. The event was advertised as “Looking for the Perfect Man”?

Sr Clare of Assisi speaks at the discernment event.

Topics included what it means to be a spouse of Christ, and discernment tips and techniques.

Sr Clare of Assisi referred to the office of readings for the feast of St Scholastica, the sister of St Benedict, saying that she who loved more was able to do more — which is a key for consecrated life.

Sr Clare called the consecrated life an extension of the heart of Jesus in the world.

The invitation to the event said men were also welcome to attend, and three did.