VATICAN CITY (CWN) — The president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity said in an interview that the Vatican would entertain a hypothetical proposal by Lutherans to establish ecclesial structures modeled on the ordinariates developed for Anglican communities that wish to enter into full communion with the Holy See.
“Anglicanorum coetibus was not an initiative of Rome, but came from the Anglican church,” said Cardinal Kurt Koch, referring to the 2009 papal document that established the ordinariates.
“The Holy Father then sought a solution and, in my opinion, found a very broad solution, in which the Anglicans’ ecclesial and liturgical traditions were taken into ample consideration. If similar desires are expressed by the Lutherans, then we will have to reflect on them. However, the initiative is up to the Lutherans.”
Cardinal Koch also said that both “’progressives and traditionalists suffer from the same ailment”: a refusal to interpret the Second Vatican Council with a hermeneutic of “renewal in continuity”.
“Both see the Council equally as a break, even if in a very different way,” he said. “The Holy Father has questioned this understanding of the conciliar hermeneutics of the break and proposed the hermeneutics of reform, which unites continuity and renewal.”


  1. In my opinion this is absurd.

    History will judge Luther as having broken the unity and continuity of the Church which Christ founded to the serious detriment of European history.

    Centuries of religious wars and mutual persecutions resulted from his heresy (denial of Christian doctrines) and schism (creation of a parallel church).

    The modern crisis in the Church and society, many Catholic scholars believe, stems from the Protestant Revolt and ultimately Luther. How? The principle characteristic of Luther’s actions was rebellion against external authority (no pope, sola scripture, personal interpretation etc). This novelty expanded in the consciousness of society (long story how…) until today we have a dictatorship of relativism e.g. ‘my body, my choice’. it all goes back to what Luther did.

    Was what Luther did inspired by God? Our Lord said: “Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand.” Matt 12:25

    In my opinion, the name Luther ought to be forgotten forever. Any Lutheran who converts ought to re-join the Church their forefathers left.

  2. Kiwi1, I agree entirely. I’m such a convert (from the Tudor Experiment) and a very, very grateful Catholic. To think that the heretical doctine of Luther (founded on Arius) may formally get the opportunity to plant it’s seed back into The True Catholic Faith makes me shudder. Also, I cannot understand why any Lutherans would want an identity, as such, within the body Catholic. The English Catholic Church is quite a differnt case; it has a Catholic tradition that predates St Augustine of Canterbury.
    Gary Yates