WELLINGTON — New Zealand Christian Network is encouraging Kiwis to pray for the upcoming election.
National director Glyn Carpenter said: “Maybe this election will be the one where New Zealanders realise that government does not have all the answers — far from it — and that it’s time to turn back to God.”
What would turning to God do for New Zealand, he asked?
The Methodist pastor of Westminster Central Hall, London, W.E. Sangster, addressed that question in a sermon in 1953. His answer:
1.) Pay old debts; 2.) reduce sexual immorality; 3.) disinfect the theatre [read “television and media” in 2011]; 4.) cut the divorce rate; 5.) reduce juvenile crime; 6.) reduce the prison population; 7.) improve the quality and increase the output of work; 8.) restore a high sense of destiny for the nation; 9.) make the country invincible in the war of ideas; 10.) give happiness and peace to all people.
“It would do the same sorts of things for New Zealand today,” Mr Carpenter said. “Just think how much the country would save.
“Political wrangling over tax rates and welfare levels, and tweaking education and healthcare services and funding, look ominously like Nero fiddling while Rome burns.”
Pray — and vote well, he said.