AUCKLAND — For some years the social services agency of the Catholic Diocese of Auckland has been known as Catholic Family and Community Services (CFCS).
On November 25 the agency, which operates from a house in Lincoln St, Ponsonby, will launch a name change.
It will be called Catholic Social Services, as it was for many earlier decades.
Along with the new name, a new logo and new programmes will be launched, followed by an updated website.
Director Malia Moeno-Kolio explains the reasons for “going back to the future”.
First, it makes more accessible the brand name that identifies Catholic Social Services throughout the rest of the country, and therefore gives a national uniformity.
She recalls the difficulty faced by a family who had arrived from Christchurch and could not identify the social services of Auckland diocese.
It was only after talking to a priest who happened to know that CFCS was Catholic Social Services, that they were able to make contact.
Second, the name clearly highlights the Catholic character of the agency and signifies that it provides a broader range of core social services than only those to families and the community, even though those will remain at the heart of its work.
The work includes social work support in homes, counselling, respite care, prison chaplaincy and community educational programmes.
“It is important to evaluate the changing needs in our society,” Mrs Moeno-Kolio said, “and to
develop whatever services are required — to be creative under that wide umbrella. We must always check that we don’t remain too settled in the way we do things, as though that was the only way of doing them. New challenges must be met with new initiatives.”
Working collaboratively with parishes, schools, other Catholic agencies and community groups to meet the needs of the different communities is another important part of their work.
People are not always able to come to them, and the service often works with other groups to provide required services, Mrs Moeno-Kolio said.