Sr Pacifica made her final profession as a Sister of St Joseph of Cluny at St Michael’s church, Remuera on May 12. Chunmin Sun (now Sr Pacifica) was born in China to a Catholic family. After gaining her doctorate as an acupuncturist, she moved to Manilla in the Philippines where she practised as an acupuncture doctor for several years.

While there, in 2007, she was introduced to the Cluny Sisters through a
Buddhist man who was a mutual friend.

She decided that she would like to explore the possibility of joining the Cluny Sisters, and in 2008 began her postulancy training for a year in Manilla.

Between 2009 and 2011 she spent two years at the Cluny Sisters’ Novitiate in Suva, Fiji, where she made her temporary vows on June 25, 2011.

Her first appointment was to come to Auckland to join the Cluny Sisters at their Remuera convent, and nearly seven years later she made her final vows