by NZ CATHOLIC staff
Auckland diocese will hold to its decision to close Hato Petera College boarding facilities, even though a delegation on behalf of college families was seeking a meeting with Bishop Patrick Dunn as of early November.
Hato 1
The diocese’s Vicar for Education, Linda McQuade, said then that the diocese was still considering whether or not to meet the delegation.
“We’ve just received the agenda for that meeting and who the people would be. The decision to close the boarding facilities will not change. The trust is insolvent and cannot operate without money,” she said.
Sir Toby Curtis said he hoped to lead the delegation.
Sir Toby is an old boy and former principal of the college, and is a member of the review team. He said families deserved to be consulted and included in such a vital decision.
Some parents were reported to have expressed surprise and frustration at the manner of the decision.
Sir Toby said many feared the end of not just the hostel, but the school as well.
Seventy-five percent of all students at Hato Petera live at the school, with some coming from as far away as Rotorua and Kaitaia.
The trust will meet for its annual general meeting on November 22.