Only a few days before an announcement about the cause for Mother Suzanne Aubert, a new portrait of her was blessed in Auckland.

At the Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland, blessing of the portrait of Mother Suzanne Aubert
At the Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Auckland, blessing of the portrait of Mother Suzanne Aubert

On October 4 in a ceremony in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Auckland, the Bishop of Auckland, Bishop Patrick Dunn, blessed a portrait by artist and director of the Studio of John the Evangelist, Michael Pervan. Cathedral supporter John Bergin said the portrait will stay there for an unspecified time; perhaps until Mother Aubert is beatified.
A few days after the blessing, an announcement from Rome said that theologians examining the cause had accepted the writings, spirituality and goodness of Suzanne Aubert.
In 1997, the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference agreed to support the first part of the formal process, called the “Introduction of the Cause of Suzanne Aubert”.
Then a historical consultation (posito) was completed and presented for theological consultation by a panel of theologians. The panel of theologians in the Congregation of Saints have examined the posito and judged that the case has merit.
They will now send their recommendation to the bishops and cardinals who work in the Congregation of Saints.
If the Congregation of Saints approves the recommendation, a Decree of Heroic Virtues is sent to Pope Francis for his final judgment.
If a decree on the heroic nature of Suzanne Aubert’s virtues is issued, she will be given the title of Venerable.
It is said that those steps could be completed by early next year.
The next step in the process would be the approval of a posthumous miracle, which would lead to Suzanne Aubert’s beatification. A person who is beatified is given the title “Blessed”.
After beatification, the Church looks for a second posthumous miracle before proceeding to canonisation.
The consent of the Holy Father to the decision of the congregation results in a Decree of a Miracle. Canonisation
would then be possible.