by NZ CATHOLIC staff
Catholic Maori college Hato Petera in Auckland has decided it can no longer meet the needs of years 9 and 10 pupils.
Hato 1

The school announced that it will close its junior boarding facility, saying it can no longer provide a supportive environment.
A statement from the Northcote school said it hopes at least some of its years 9 and 10 students will be able to attend as day pupils until the end of the year. The Ministry of Education stated that about 55 juniors were on the roll.
However, Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell accused churches of not fulfilling their obligations to Māori schools.
There are six Māori boarding schools left, including three owned by the Catholic Church: Hato Paora in Feilding, Hato Petera in Auckland and St Joseph’s in Napier.
“If they really want those schools to flourish they’ve got to kick in with some financial contribution, [they] can’t leave it to the state, because the state is actually providing the resource to allow the teaching of education to happen,” Mr Flavell said.
Whanau Trust Board chairman Dr Lance O’Sullivan said the closure was temporary, and a comprehensive review of the
boarding facility was ongoing, working to address financial issues and examine the school’s hostel model.
“[The] priority is for the hostel accommodation to provide an environment that ensures the safety and wellbeing of
the students and enables good educational outcomes,” a statement read.
The school acknowledged that some of the hostel buildings are cold and draughty and the plumbing is inadequate.
“Higher levels of specialised staffing are required to ensure the needs of students are adequately met.”