The deputy principal at Aquinas College, Terry Consedine, has been given a National Excellence in Leadership award.
Last year Mr Consedine received a regional award, but he has since received one of five
national leadership awards sponsored by the Cognition Education Trust Leadership Awards.
This prestigious award, chosen from more than 600 nominations, was presented at a school assembly when Cognition Education Trust director Richard Jefferies said Mr Consedine was “an outstanding educator of the highest calibre”.
“It is very heartening to meet a teaching professional so committed to bring out the best in
our students, and his record of achievement is outstanding.”
A popular teacher who has a great rapport with students, Mr Consedine has been deputy head
for eight years at Aquinas College.
To mark the national recognition of Mr Consedine’s achievements and his rich contribution
to the college, a golden totara was planted on the school’s front lawn before Christmas. It was blessed by Fr Leo Danvers after the midweek Mass at the college.
The planting of a native tree continues the tradition of planting natives trees that was begun by earlier owners of the property.