Former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson has called on New Zealanders to give humanity back to unborn babies.

Abby Johnson at the Pompallier Diocesan Centre in Auckland.

“Really, my message is a call to action. Babies are dying. If there was a clinic that opened up somewhere
here in Auckland saying, ‘If you are tired of being a mum, bring your toddler here and we will euthanase them’. That would be insane, right?” the 34-year-old mother said.
She said people would be beating down the doors of that clinic, and yet the same thing is happening
inside the walls of an abortion clinic.
“Because we can’t see these children, because we can’t see their pain and because we can’t see their
humanity in the womb, it’s easy to treat them as garbage, as something that’s disposable,” she said.
Ms Johnson gave talks around the country about her previous work as an abortion clinic director
and how she came to realise that abortion is really murder. She spoke in Auckland, Wellington and
Dunedin on December 6, 7 and 9, respectively. The programmes were sponsored by Family Life International NZ.
She, herself, had two abortions and never realised what she had done until she saw it done live
through ultrasound. “I didn’t expect this baby to fight back,” she said.
That was when she realised she had been lied to, and had been lying to thousands of women who went through their clinic.
“My goal in this is really to attempt to rehumanise babies that have been dehumanised. And honestly, to rehumanise the women who have fallen victim to this machine called the abortion industry,” she said.
Ms Johnson said a new kind of model for feminism is called for. What we need, she said, is to impress
upon women that choosing motherhood is feminism. “Strong women accept motherhood. [We need to] help women understand that the most powerful thing we can do as women is to give life to another human being. And the most devastating thing, the weakest thing we can do as women, is to take life that has been given to
us,” she said.
She said women cannot choose to be mothers only when it is convenient for them. “The pro-choice culture says women should have a choice for when to be mothers. Well, you know, the moment a baby is conceived, you are a mother,” she said.
Ms Johnson said it is almost a kind of “superpower”. She tells her husband, “No matter what you can
do, I’m better, because I can grow another person, you can’t”.
But most importantly, women deserve better, she said. “Really, women are better than abortion. We deserve better than abortion. We deserve better than being treated as a statistic.”