In his recent pilgrimage to South Korea, Pope Francis reminded the Church that the first step to authentic ecumenical and interreligious dialogue
is self-identity. Avoiding the temptation to relativity, superficiality and easy answers, we must recognise and articulate the living faith that
is our deepest identity.

ARCCANZ members at their meeting last month (new members in italic). From left: Fr Paul A. Williamson, SM, Bishop Barry Jones (co-convenor), the Rev Pat Scaife, Beverley McDonald, Fr Vaughan Leslie, the Very Rev Charles Tyrrell, the Rev. Richard Hancock (co-convenor), Lynda Stack, Dr Dan Stollenwerk, Fr John O’Connor, Stephen Anderson. (Not pictured: The Right Rev. Bishop Ross Bay, Dr Moeawa Callaghan, Canon Douglas Pratt.)

At their latest semi-annual meeting, from October 7 to 9, the Anglican Catholic Commission of Aotearoa New Zealand (ARCCANZ) was much aware that such dialogue is hard work.
New and longstanding members, meeting at the Mercy Spirituality Centre in
Epsom, entered into energetic dialogue on Emeritus Pope Benedict’s works on faith and liturgy, as well as the Anglican controversy of recognising in public worship a same-gender civil union or state marriage of members of their faith community.
Meanwhile on the international front, Anglicans and Catholics have joined forces in the Global Freedom Network to help combat modern slavery and human trafficking, abhorrent crimes affecting about 29 million people
ARCCANZ will meet again in March for further dialogue and a shared retreat.