AUCKLAND — Rekindling of faith and friendships for life were the results of the two-day national conference of Youth for Christ (YFC) at Hunua Camp in Papakura last month.
Hezron Alban, YFC cluster head for southeast and central Auckland, said the conference brought together about 350 young people from all over New Zealand to worship the Lord.

Young people rekindling their faith at the two-day national conference of Youth for Christ (YFC) at Hunua Camp in Papakura last month.

“We were able to really rekindle the lights in our heart for the Lord. The community came as one and showed our love for our faith. I think that’s the most important part [of the conference]: to get the youth together and to worship,” he said.
Couples for Christ coordinators Dante and Carmel Palomares said the conference was a time to remind young people to focus more on God.
“Even Catholic young people of today are at times forgetting to focus on God, their family, studies and/or service, because this secular society we live in is teaching us that materialistic things will make us happy, instead of God,” said Mr Palomares. “The main
purpose of this YFC National Conference is to remind the YFCs of their priorities.”
This reminder was given through testimonies, workshops, and praise and worship. Dance, chorale, band, spoken words and short film competitions were also held.
“The YFC theme for this NZ conference was ‘Rekindle’ and, praise God, the theme lived up to its name,” said Mrs Palomares.
“A lot has been achieved by this conference: rekindled relationships with God, inspired brothers and sisters ready to take on the challenges that may come their way, newfound brotherhood and sisterhood from all over New Zealand, and rekindled hearts to serve not just in the YFC community, but in the Catholic Church.”
YFC, they say, is not just an organisation but a family. “YFC teaches young people about their faith, how to live out their faith while having Christ-centred fun. As it is a family, they will still get the freedom to choose, just like how God gave us the freedom to
keep choosing him,” said Mr Palomares.
YFC has fortnightly teachings and once-a-month gatherings to grow and deepen the faith of members. They also conduct entry camps for new members.