by NZ CATHOLIC staff
CHRISTCHURCH — The chance to undertake a stage one theology paper at the
University of Otago was too good to pass up for three Marian College, Christchurch,
year 13 students.

From left: Year 13 college, and university theology, students Emily Rosevear, Laura Brosnahan and Josephine Marshall.

Emily Rosevear, Laura Brosnahan and Josephine Marshall have successfully completed “The History of Christianity” through distance learning.
Emily said they all went through a range of emotions during the semester — from excitement at
the start to overwhelming relief and joy when they knew their efforts had been rewarded.
Laura said they used their free study periods at Marian College to work through the theology
course booklet and to make sure they were up-to-date before each two hour long audio conference lecture.
The course surveyed the history of Christianity from AD100 to the present day, which meant “that the material was really diverse and so interesting to learn,” said Josephine.
Although juggling the demands of their NCEA level three studies and the university paper was challenging at times, all the girls said the support they received from Marian College’s
director of religious studies, Ms Abina Pope, was “incredibly helpful”.