AWHITU PENINSULA, Auckland — Catholic and non-Catholics alike sang and listened to the
Word together several weeks ago to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Matakawau church.
About 60 people attended the celebrations north of Waiuku.

Fr Brian Lange blesses the food prepared for lunch.

After Mass people enjoyed a shared lunch and a very special “Rosary Cake”. Longtime parishioner Bev Kennedy made the cake, and decorated it with her own rosary.
Some of those present had come from Auckland’s North Shore and were happy to be back
for the anniversary.
People shared their stories that were connected with the church. Many of them could remember
the church being built and blessed, or growing up attending Mass in Matakawau.
Fr Brian Lange, who serves Matakawau from Waiuku, was pleased to see how much these people
cherished the Church of the Holy Rosary. He continues to come every last Sunday of the
month to celebrate Mass at 11am, and pointed out that everyone was welcome in the House of
the Lord.