AUCKLAND — Having the heart of Jesus and trying to be like him is the essence of being a disciple of the Lord, Bishop Patrick Dunn told 900 young people on July 28.
Bishop Dunn gave a catechesis session at St Patrick’s Cathedral during the 2012 World Youth Day Auckland Experience.
Giving examples of discipleship, the bishop spoke about being taken aback when he was first asked to be a bishop.

Young people from Christ the King Parish, Auckland, practise a liturgical dance before a World Youth Day catechesis session.

But Bishop Dunn said he thought of Jesus’ words in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Father not my will, but thine be done”.
Bishop Dunn referred to the words of Pope John Paul II when he first became Pope: “Be not afraid.” The bishop adopted this injunction, which occurs 365 times in the Bible, as his motto.
“So, for me too, there have been many times when I am quite fearful, and yet, I keep remembering those words, be not afraid, because if we are afraid, God’s chosen people become God’s frozen people. We are just don’t do anything,” he said.
He challenged young people to follow the Jewish model of discipleship as shown in the New Testament, of finding out how the Master lives, so as to live like the Master and become a “master-piece”.
Bishop Dunn spoke about the example of St Stephen, the first martyr, from the Acts of the Apostles whose life and death was a “master-piece” modelled after the Master, Jesus.
Young people had walked three different routes to arrive at St Patrick’s Square, where they formed a heart shape.
The day included catechesis, prayer, Reconciliation, song and testimony.
Fr Frank Bird, SM,
helped the young people reflect on discipleship in their own lives. They were challenged to write a discipleship action on a heart-shaped post-it note and attach it to one of three banners to make “living walls of faith”.
A diocesan youth Mass was followed by a sausage sizzle.