by NZ CATHOLIC staff
AUCKLAND — This year is doubly special for Arthur and Maretta Solomon of Mangere.
Not only is it 50 years since the young Arthur and Maretta arrived in New Zealand, although separately from Fiji and Samoa respectively, but 2012 marks the year that the last of their
children graduated with degrees. This means all the family now have university degrees.

From left to right: Teuila Solomon (B.Ed 2012), Talei Solomon (B.Ed 2004), Maretta Solomon (B.Ed 2004), Pulotu Arthur Solomon (B.Ed 2004), Ulae Arthur Solomon (B.Ed 2012), Pulotu Selio Solomon (B.Ed 2004), Tupe Solomon-Tanoai (BA, LLB Hons 2006).

Athough Mr Solomon was born in Fiji, his grandparents originated from the villages of
Malaemalu and Faleaula, in Samoa, and Mrs Solomon’s parents were from the villages of Afega and Magiagi in Samoa.
The Catholic couple met a few years after arriving in New Zealand, and married in 1971. They have six children, five of whom are still living.
All lived in Mangere, south Auckland, while studying and, except for one, all still live there.

Pulotu Selio Solomon is Chief Executive Officer of the award-winning Martin Hautus Institute, in Onehunga, Auckland, which was founded by his parents.