The Term Two project for the Chanel Young Vinnies at Chanel College in Masterton was to “feed the hungry”.

Chanel College Young Vinnies gathered more than 600 non-perishable items to boost the pantries of those in need in the Wairarapa.

Every year, local foodbanks assist thousands of families who are struggling
to make ends meet.

The Young Vinnies were concerned that families within their community were hungry and going without, so they decided to run a competition within the school to see which house could reach a given target first. The target for the school was 500 items. When this target was reached, the school would be rewarded with a mufti day.

Pantries were raided at home and items soon began to appear. Some students decided that they would personally purchase goods with their own money and one student in particular contributed more than 100 items, all paid for out of his own money.

As the number of items grew, the momentum began to pick up. The “saint” markers on the barometers representing each house measured higher and higher each day as they moved closer to the target. Finally the target of 500 items was met, but items still kept coming.

The items eventually numbered more than 600 and everyone enjoyed having a mufti day to celebrate having not only reached the target, but surpassing it with flair.

Carterton Foodbank representatives Kevin Conroy and Lyn Tankersly came to the school to talk about the good work that the foodbank does for the community. They provide many food parcels each day that are made up of nutritious items that will feed a family for 24 hours. After the visit, all items were taken back to the foodbank for distribution.

The Young Vinnies were very happy with the success of this venture and the way the school responded to the challenge.