by NZ CATHOLIC staff
Wondering about knuckles tattooed with “LOVE” on one hand and “HATE” on the other and how to turn “HATE” to “LOVE”, Hamilton’s John Lewis encountered a scripture from John 14:9 where Jesus tells Philip “who has seen me has seen the Father”.
From there he thought of the screeching dot matrix printers of the 1980s and started experimenting by suspending beads from nearly invisible threads to form a word, but sliding the beads back so the shape of the front word remained unchanged but a second word began to form when viewed from the side.

It wasn’t easy to make, he said, but the maths is probably no harder than Year 9 or 10. Pages of spreadsheet data saved many hours of calculations.

The result is that 100 beads hanging at exactly the right height, the right distance back and the right distance from left to right, enable a viewer at exactly the right distance away, with their eye at the right position can see “JESUS” from one direction and “FATHER” from the other.

“That’s impossible” was the reaction of some of our younger parishioners when they first saw it,” Mr Lewis said. is a link to all the technical stuff and other examples of his “2 Points of View sculptures”.

If anyone would like the sculpture featuring “JESUS” and “FATHER”, Mr Lewis said he will “gladly part with it as I don’t have a lot of space at home”.  His contact email is