Hamilton Bishop Stephen Lowe blessed the newly-refurbished junior student classrooms at St Peter’s Catholic School in Cambridge on March 9.

School principal Grant Stuart said the existing building had been stripped back to its framing and rebuilt to create new learning spaces. The redevelopment took five months to finish.

“The theory or the practice had been in place probably a year to 18 months before I arrived here. I’ve only been here since May last year,” said Mr Stuart.

“Prior to that, the staff and the principal did a whole lot of work into what modern learning looked like and how it would work well in school.”

The building will take two classes or about 60 children. The school has a current roll of 190 children from years 1-8.

Mr Stuart said the school is pleased with the outcome of the upgrade.

“It will allow the teachers to teach in a way that current pedagogy reflects. It allows the children the flexible learning space that will help them transition into school from early childhood,” he said.

“It’s a lot better than what was there previously.”

The refurbished building has break-out spaces and a separate teacher space. It also incorporates indoor and outdoor learning environments.

“It’s really quite flexible,” Mr Stuart said. “It will allow our students to learn in a way that suits them.”