Magic lured Zachary King at a young age into a satanic coven, and he spent the next 26 years pushing Satan’s agenda.

Former satanist Zac King, right, who converted to Catholicism after an encounter with the Blessed Mother, talks to Auckland priest Fr Rory Morrissey.
Former satanist Zac King, right, who converted to Catholicism after an encounter with the Blessed Mother, talks to Auckland priest Fr Rory Morrissey.

“Satan attacks you at any age,” said Mr King, who spoke before Divine Mercy followers at St Joseph’s Church in Takapuna, Auckland, on February 22. He was one of the speakers at the Divine Mercy Congress of Oceania, which ran from February 20 to 28.
“He starts attacking you in the womb. From the moment you are conceived, you are under attack,” he said. To protect oneself from the devil, Mr King recommended “Confession every seven days; everybody can use a blessing, only receive the Eucharist in a state of grace and adoration”.
Mr King, who lost his eyesight as a result of diabetes, said he didn’t realise that practising magic was a sin because the people he asked, including his parents and preacher, did not believe in magic.
But he said there are places in the Bible that tells one not to do magic. “If you can’t do magic, why would the Bible tell you not to do it? That’s just silly,” he said.
When he was 10 years old, the students in his school started playing “Bloody Mary”, a children’s game summoning the devil in the mirror.
He played the game in school, until one day some children were trampled on and injured running out of the bathroom after seeing a “scary face”.
This forced the school to take action and prevent the students from playing the game. Mr King, though, continued playing the game at home.
At the same time he was playing a computer game called Dungeons and Dragons. He said this game included real spells.
One day, he did a spell in the bathroom and followed with the Bloody Mary chant. He asked the demon what he (the demon) can do for him (Mr King).
“I found money like the Monopoly bills rolled under the sink. When I unravelled it, I had ten $100 bills,” he said.
At 11 years of age he was sexually assaulted by a female teacher. “The woman told me I wanted it and that I enjoyed it. I was confused and conflicted. I was depressed, and the only thing that made me feel I was on top of the world was magic,” he said.
When he was 12 years old, a guy from a group playing Dungeons and Dragons invited him for a weekend to the biggest house in his town.
In that house there were no rules and he could do anything he wanted; stay up late, snack all the time, as well as watch pornographic materials.
“They told me when I was 11 something was taken from me. But in that house, I had the power to do anything. I can have sex. I can say no,” he said.
His descent into satanism continued. He was involved in child pornography for four years. At some point, he was initiated into the cult.
“I was 13 years old. I believed I was selling my soul. You can’t sell your soul. Your soul belongs to God,” he said.
During his years in the cult, he assisted in 146 abortions. He also broke up churches from the inside. He rose from the ranks and became a high wizard, performing magic tricks for dignitaries.
“I was a high wizard now, doing all the sins I could possibly do. It was boring,” he said.
He stopped sinning because it didn’t offer any excitement anymore. He felt lost, tried to hitchhike to Canada but failed and moved to Vermont.
He met and married his wife without revealing he was a satanist.
In 2008, he was a manager at a jewellery store when a lady customer came in and told him “the weirdest thing”.
“She put a gold disk in my hand and told me, the Blessed Mother is calling you,” he said.
Although he said he knew the miraculous medal had “no power”, he was so scared.
“I clenched my fist around it and I fell into this darkened void. I saw a woman and I knew she was the Mother of God. She gently turned me around to face Jesus. I knew he was my Saviour,” Mr King said.
He saw Jesus in the Eucharist and would spend up to 18 hours in the adoration chapel.
Mr King became a Catholic and worked with exorcists. He also started All Saints Ministry in 2010.