by NZ CATHOLIC staff
Marist Young Adult Ministry will this year operate out of The Grove in Lower Hutt in partnership with laypeople.

From left, Brs Carl Tapp, Doug Dawick and Kieran Fenn, with Esther Saldanha.
From left, Brs Carl Tapp, Doug Dawick and Kieran Fenn, with Esther Saldanha.

The ministry (MYAM) has been operating out of The Grove for 14 years and this year takes a new direction — Champagnat Partnership Ministry.
The partnership said in a statement that the aim is to keep alive the spirit and mission of the founder of the Marist Brothers, St Marcellin Champagnat. The plan is to have three Marist Brothers (Kieran Fenn, Carl Tapp and Doug Dawick) and three laypeople sharing community, with the emphasis being on “partnership”. In this, brothers and laypeople are on an equal footing, sharing responsibilities, planning initiatives, etc. Marist is a way of being Christian in the world and for the world, a role open to brothers and laypeople.
The community, the partnership stated, has a commitment to personal and community prayer, hospitality and an outreach of service to disadvantaged people, including prisoners at Rimutaka and Arohata Prisons. In addition to this involvement, the community will continue to help students at St Bernard’s College who are struggling academically.
Already two lay Champagnat Marists’ groups have been organised by the community — a young adult one in Wellington and one for older people in Lower Hutt. The Grove’s involvement
with young adults of the archdiocese will continue.
Esther Saldanha has joined the community, continuing her role as archdiocesan coordinator for Seasons for Growth and serving in Hutt Hospital chaplaincy. The community is open to another female and male applicant.
Br Doug Dawick and Esther Saldanha