AUCKLAND — At St Patrick’s Cathedral, where killed woman Blesilda “Blessie” Gotingco often attended midday Mass, people were invited to light a candle in prayer and remembrance.

Candles were lit for Blessie Gotingco at St Patrick's Cathedral.

The “Light a Candle for Blessie” campaign started on May 28 and ended on June 6.
Assistant priest Fr Michael Larry Rustia said he realised they had to give people a way to show their grief over the tragedy.
“There are people who don’t know how to express their grief. And not all of her friends, especially at Tower Insurance where she worked, were Catholic. Lighting a candle gave them
that opportunity and possibly enabled them to pray for her,” he said.
The noon Masses for those 10 days were also offered for the repose of her soul.
Fr Rustia said he also blessed the desk at Tower Insurance that Mrs Gotingco used for almost 10 years. He consoled her longtime friend who worked beside her at that office.
Mrs Gotingco’s son, John, also thanked her workmates who set up a memorial in one corner of their office. Pictures and letters from clients expressing sorrow and support for the family were posted in that space.