Over a four-year period, each time a subscription to NZ Catholic newspaper became due, the subscriber was sent a form inviting comments on the paper and suggestions for topics it should cover. Here are some comments received:

“Grate [sic] paper, couldn’t do without it.”

“An excellent publication – I appreciate the news, comment and articles from the international scene in particular.”

“Ronald Rolheiser’s column is fantastic and a major reason I buy your magazine.”

“I have enjoyed NZ Catholic very much – am cancelling because I’m receiving 5 religious publications and they’re not all being read.”

NZ Catholic is good – perhaps a little expensive for us older folks.”

“It is a lovely paper. I look for it every fortnight. It is a big help for Catholics in this pagan world!”

“We like NZC for its balanced, sound and comprehensive coverage of news, information and other features of interest to Catholics.”

“I think your gang of people are doing wonderfully well.”

NZ Catholic is the only magazine we receive – so that says something about its scope and content!”

“Just such an interesting publication.”

“I am very proud of NZ Catholic and congratulate you on a splendid paper.”

“It is a magnificent newspaper and tells the truth.”

“Very balanced and not afraid to print the good and bad image.”

NZ Catholic informs me, feeds me, gives balanced views and is very readable. I often quote from it, in conversations.”

“A magnificent paper. Full marks for such a wonderful fortnightly paper which is consistently of high value.”

“We enjoy the broad cover and the real Catholic focus.”

“It keeps me up to date as a Catholic.”

“I really enjoy my fortnightly fix.”

“We enjoy the great mix of articles we have in the NZ Catholic.”

“Enjoy its arrival and read it thoroughly.”

“There is a good balance of information, news and inspirational articles.”

“Love the NZ Catholic – best paper in town!”

“Good informative paper – at times even inspirational.”

“As far as we are concerned it is a 100% perfect paper.”

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